• Close Quarters Combat

    An up-close military hand-to-hand fighting system, also known as combatives. It is also a term used for fighting an enemy at close range while armed. CQC teaches a person to use any part of their body as a weapon in any environment and how to use any modern day weapon as a tool of self defense.

  • Scientific Fighting Congress

    Jim McCann holds the rank of Full Instructor in Hock's SFC CQC Group course which is the most comprehensive, complete, scientific, hand, stick, knife and gun, close quarters course in the world, bar none. We teach all of the SFC Group material under their direct tutelage and authority.

  • CQC Training Progression

    All training is expressed in a "Modular Concept." A module includes learning the basics of execution of a particular tactic, troubleshooting common counters to the tactic, skill and flow drill development of the tactic, counters, and then using the tactic in standing, kneeling and ground positions fighting with and/or against unarmed, stick, knife and gun weaponry.

  • Submission Wrestling

    Submission Wrestling (also called Submission Fighting, and technically referred to as Submission Grappling) is a sports modality and a general term that is used to describe the aspect of martial arts and combat sports that focus on clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds. Submission wrestling as a separate sport integrates many grappling arts into a single system, and can include techniques from a wide range of arts. Students develop a variety of skills for, grappling, groundwork, submission holds, joint locks, and takedowns, as well as conditioning for speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

  • Extreme Self Protection

    ESP uses Western Wrestling disciplines to educate the "shoot" or takedown. We utilize the lessons of Greco-Roman wrestling with their incessant upper body attack and the head-to-toe shots of the freestyle wrestler to build a "shooter" whose takedown variations number into the hundreds and do not rely on the gi, Sambo jacket, or any other non-body handle. ESP bases its ground game in the breakdowns, rides, pinning combinations, escapes, stand-ups, and par terre disciplines of freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

  • "Head Coach" under Mark Hatmaker

    Jim McCann currently holds the rank of Head Coach and was the only the second man in the U.S. to achieve that rank under Mark Hatmaker ESP. We teach all of Mark Hatmaker's material under his direct tutelage and authority.

  • The Art Of Boxing

    This course is intended for the individual who wants to take the sport beyond the trendy cardio activity. Our primary task is to teach you the sweet science. You will learn hundreds and hundreds of old school boxing drills, in-depth strategies, winning tactics and evasive tricks, so many of the tested and true methods lost by the modern trainers of today.

  • Skills, Tactics, & Strategies

    Boxing is more than survival of the fittest. It is a game of conditioned reflex action, destructive deception and coordinated, exquisitely articulated physical endeavor. We will bring you through every step. From learning how to make a fist to the tactics and strategies champions have employed to win their fights.

  • Certified Boxing Coach

    Jim is a Certified Boxing Coach (USA Boxing) and a Licensed Corner man (PA State Athletic Commission). He also holds the rank of Head Coach in "Extreme Boxing" (E.S.P) under Mark Hatmaker.

  • Kenpo Karate Programs

    Jim McCann currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt In Hawaiian Kenpo / Jujitsu under Sifu Dean Goldade, as well as 5th Degree Black Belt rank in American Bujutsu Kenpo Jujitsu under Grandmaster R.J. Oak.

  • Hawaiian Kenpo / Jujitsu

    Hawaiian Kenpo Jujitsu is a modern expression of Kajukenbo. In addition to the base arts of Kajukenbo we incorporate a heavy influence of weapons material from the Filipino martial arts, as well as a deeper study of Jujitsu / Submission Wrestling / Freestyle MMA & Combatives. Hawaiian Kenpo / Jujitsu is truly a combat based "Mixed Martial Art."

  • American Bujutsu Kempo

    American Bujutsu Kenpo was created by Grandmaster R.J. Oak, which is an American martial art based upon the best techniques of Combat Kempo, Jujitsu, Aikijitsu, Arnis, Grappling, Kobujitsu, and Combative Kickboxing. Techniques include blocking, striking, kicking, throws, takedowns, chokes, joint locks, nerve strikes, ground fighting and weapons.

Jim McCann DVD Series

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    Ground Fighting

    Mandatory ground maneuvers, Escape the bottom-side-of-hell, Escape from the topside ground and pound, & more.

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    Ground n' Pound

    Learn to strike from all the top, bottom and side positions, tie-up the opponent with tips, tricks and traps, plus more.

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    Art of Boxing 1

    Upper Body Support Movement, Boxing Footwork, Boxing Stances, and Rhythm and Movement Lessons.

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    Art of Boxing 2

    23 Old school boxing punches, how to protect your wrist and hands with wraps, and how to properly use focus pads.

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    Art of Boxing 3

    Over 70 aggressive pad boxing drills and a heavy bag work out lesson. filmed at Sugar Ray Leonard's Boxing Gym.

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    Art of Boxing 4

    Over 50 Aggressive/Defensive Interactive Pad Drills plus Defense Methods and Measures. Great how-to reference!

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    Art of Boxing 5

    Dozens and Dozens of Combat Chain Boxing Drills. Beginning Sparring: Drills, tricks and strategies, and more.

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    MMA Level 1

    Basic Ground Maneuvers, Retreat and Advancing to Base, Hand and Leg Grips, Mastering Distance Skills, and more.

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    MMA Level 2

    MMA Footwork, Punching, Kicking, Punch/Kick Combinations, Clinch Range, Counters to Body Locks, plus more.

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    MMA Level 3

    Rear Low Hook/High Hook, Round, Thai-style Kick, The False Cross, Striking/Kicking from the Clinch, & more.